Tell Me the Story of Jesus

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11

The Christmas story is an incredible story. Consider the following events in the Nativity narrative:

Jesus was expected.
Surrounding the birth of Jesus we see prophecies, angels bringing important messages, genealogies, and special stars in the sky. We also see faithful Jews who believed that God was true to His Word and would send a Messiah. They were on the edge of their seats, waiting. All of these things point to one major fact; the arrival of the Messiah was expected.

Jesus was protected.
We see that the Lord worked providentially to save His only Son and the only hope for the world from Herod’s wrath. He warned the wise men in a dream not to report the whereabouts of Jesus to the jealous king (Matt. 2:12). Also, an angel came to Joseph in a dream to command him to leave the country with his family (Matt. 2:13). During that time, Jesus was the fullness of God in helpless babe. His Father was going to make sure He was protected so that He could fulfill His purpose of seeking and saving the lost.

Jesus was neglected.
It’s remarkable that many Jews were not excited about the arrival of Jesus. Instead of excitement and a desire to seek out Christ for worship, the Bible says that all of Jerusalem was troubled (Matt. 2:3). Even worse, Herod was full of rage and murderous intentions. He wanted no rivals to his throne. So these people neglected the Messiah, sent from God.

Jesus was accepted.
The wise men worshiped and brought gifts of homage (Matt. 2:11). The shepherds glorified God when they heard the angelic host and saw the Christ-child (Luke 2:20). Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus, treasured and pondered all of the things she had experienced in her heart (Luke 2:19). Simeon and Anna rejoiced in the Temple when they encountered the Messiah (Luke 2:22-38). All of these people accepted Jesus as a gift sent from God. They experienced the first Christmas in its fullness.

The Christmas story is a remarkable story. It has intrigue, suspense, drama, excitement, sadness, joy, hope, and so much more. And it’s all true! Enjoy reading it, hearing Christmas sermons, and Christmas songs. Also, don’t forget to share this magnificent story!


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