Fall on Your Knees!

“When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. And going into the house they saw the Child with Mary His mother, and they fell down and worshiped Him.” Matthew 2:10-11

We instinctively know that to bow before someone or something is to worship. We know that bowing on our knees is humbling and that it recognizes the authority of that which we bow before. If we know that, it begs the question, why don’t we bow before Jesus more? When I was in India recently, it was a very natural thing for worshippers to walk into the church building and bow before they commenced praising God. In many of our churches in America people would probably think it strange for someone to walk into a worship service and bow on their knees before they did anything else.

I believe our reticence to bow the knee publicly and privately is due to our loss of two things, humility and awe. Humility recognizes that you are not God, you need God, and only by His grace can you relate to God. Awe is that sense of amazement that comes when you begin to grasp the character and the nature of God. The Christmas story should provoke both responses in us.

The fact that God sent His only Son to take on human flesh so that He could die for us should humble us. The sending of Christ is amazing grace on display. The fact that baby Jesus was the fullness of Deity in bodily form (Col. 2:9) should provoke awe. As we sing our favorite Christmas songs, read the Christmas story, and enjoy the holiday season, let’s make time to fall on our knees. Maybe even right now if you are reading this alone or as a family, you can bow down and spend a few moments in worship.


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