Raising Up and Sending Out: A Healthy Goal for a Church

November 13, 2013

I was moved this morning by a blog post that John Piper wrote after a recent trip to Ethiopia. I want to share with you a powerful quote about the need for people to plant their lives among unreached people groups for the sake of the Gospel:

Short-term missions has value. But trying to accomplish long-term goals with short-term commitments is difficult. Most of the peoples left to reach are hard to reach. What is needed is the commitment of a life, not just a year. A language to learn, a culture to know, a people to love, a gospel to speak, a church to plant, leaders to train — this is the pouring out of a life. May God give many of you this high and holy and hard calling.

My heart resonated with those words and I prayed that God would raise up and send out many from our church with this calling. Make it so Lord for the glory of your great Name!

Here’s the link to the complete post.


Pastor Wade