A Meditation on Isaiah 53

September 20, 2013

I read Isaiah 53 once again this morning and once again I am stunned by this powerful passage. Written hundreds of years before Christ came to earth, it so clearly details the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. Here are eight quick thoughts about Jesus from this magisterial chapter:

1) He took on humanity. v.1-2; Philippians 2:5-8

2) He experienced great rejection. v.3; Luke 23:18-25

3) He bore our sins and took our punishment on the cross. v.4-6; 2 Cor. 5:21; Rom. 5:8

4) He did not save Himself, though He could have. v.7-8; Matt. 26:53

5) He was buried in a borrowed tomb. v.9; Matthew 27:57-60

6) He rose from the dead! v.10; Luke 24:1-12

7) He will receive the full reward of His suffering. v.11-12; Titus 2:14; Hebrews 12:2; Rev. 5:12

8) He intercedes for us as our Advocate and High Priest. v.12; Hebrews 7:25


Weekends are for Preachers

September 6, 2013

Lectio Continua Keeps You Balanced

I practice the lectio continua method of preaching. This is when a pastor starts with the first verse in a book of the Bible and then works consecutively through the book to the last verse. I’ve found that this approach to preaching keeps me balanced to present the entire counsel of God.

I had a conversation with our student pastor last week. He is preaching through the book of Genesis to our students. Last week he dealt with a passage that called for radical, sacrificial faith. God used it in a mighty way. But this week he preached the next passage that had a decidedly different tone. It had more of a pastoral feel as the passage dealt with our shortcomings and the need for God’s help and restoration. That’s balance, and it came as he simply preached through Genesis passage by passage.

I’ve found the same thing to be true in my preaching ministry. I know myself. I’m not balanced! There are doctrines and passages that I would constantly emphasize to the exclusion of other, vital areas of Scripture. I need the accountability of the lectio continua approach. I know this manner of preaching is not the only technique available to pastors but it has paid great dividends in my ministry.