Weekends Are for Preachers

In his book Preaching for God’s Glory Alistair Begg discusses some benefits of expository preaching. The first benefit he lists is that it gives glory to God alone. He writes:

The psalmist declares, “You have exalted above all things your name and your word” (Ps. 138:2). Since expository preaching begins with the text of Scripture, it starts with God and is in itself an act of worship, for it is a declaration of the mighty acts of God. It establishes the focus of the people upon God and his glory before any consideration of man and his need. In beginning here we affirm the place of preaching not on the grounds of personal interest but because it pleases God. A congregation that has accepted this and is beginning to learn the implications of it will be markedly different from one in which sermons constantly find their origin in the felt needs of the people.

May our preaching begin, end, and be saturated with the Word of God. Then we will know our preaching is saturated with God Himself. Also, we will know our people’s attention is where it belongs, on our triune God. Have a great day tomorrow!



One Response to Weekends Are for Preachers

  1. Sam Crawford says:

    An excellent post, Wade. Right on target! Have a blessed Sunday.

    Blessings & grace to you,
    Sammy Crawford

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