Weekends are for Preachers

Here is a great question for pastors to consider; What is the proper measure of the effectiveness of our preaching? Jim Shaddix in his book The Passion Driven Sermon offers some helpful thoughts:

…as shepherds serve up a steady diet of healthy Bible food and the flock consumes it, believers are being changed into the image of Christ. This is happening even though neither preacher nor people notice it on a week-by-week basis. It is the work of the Holy Spirit within them. Therefore, the effectiveness of pastoral preaching cannot and should not be gauged by what happens at the altar on Sunday morning or by what parishioners say as they shake the minister’s hand at the back of the church after the service. The effectiveness of pastoral preaching must be gauged by whether or not we who listen to preaching look more like Jesus this year than we did this time last year.

I hope you are encouraged and challenged by that food for thought. Have a great Sunday as you preach the Word!



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