Weekends are for Preachers

November 9, 2012

With the recent elections many have come to the conclusion that our nation has made a fundamental shift in the wrong direction. This article clearly articulates the serious issues at hand. With that in mind, preachers should renew their commitment to preaching the Word. Consider this old yet timely quote from John Broadus:

It follows that preaching must always be a necessity, and good preaching a mighty power. In every age of Christianity, since John the Baptist drew crowds into the desert, there has been no great religious movement, no restoration of Scripture truth, and reanimation of genuine piety, without new power in preaching, both as cause and as effect.

I believe that there will be no real revival in America without anointed, biblical preaching as churches are transformed by the whole counsel of God. If you are disheartened by the direction of our nation, realize that now is the time to double down on Spirit-filled, expositional proclamation.