Are you missing it?

This past Sunday we continued our Summer Sermon Series in John 17. It’s been a great blessing to our faith family to mine the depths of this chapter as we listen in on a prayer from God the Son to God the Father. In this chapter we are offered a glimpse into the inner workings of the Trinity and it is amazing. On Sunday we explored the second request that Jesus made for His disciples (the 11 who were with Him and all followers of Christ through the ages, see v.20). He asked the Father to sanctify them in the truth of the Word of God in v. 17. In v.18 Jesus declares that as He was sent into the world, He was sending His disciples into the world. In these two verses we find the essence of the Christian life: Get into the Word to be changed and go into the world with the Gospel.

If your life is not centered around the Word of God you are not maturing in your faith. You are stagnant and dry and lifeless. Get into the Word so the Word can get into you. Take the Bible seriously. Start a Bible reading plan today or restart your Bible reading plan if you have stalled. God is the only One who can transform our hearts and God uses means. The instrument He uses to change us is the Bible.

Go into the world. Know the Gospel and weave the truths of the Gospel into your conversations. Pray for the lost in your circle of influence and pray for unreached people groups. Give sacrificially for the advancement of the Gospel. Go on short term mission trips and invite people to a worship service or to your Connect Group. Be on mission. If you are not actively involved in making disciples you are missing the purpose God has for you. There’s a reason you’re not in heaven right now!

Get into the Word. Go into the world. Glorify Christ with your life. That’s what life is all about.

I’m looking forward to studying the next passage in John 17 with you this Sunday!


Pastor Wade


2 Responses to Are you missing it?

  1. Marvin Yates says:

    Wow, that is so true, that His Word transforms our hearts and this amazing glimpse of the Trinity from John 17 is astounding. Vern Poythress says “Human beings were created with the capacity for deep personal fellowship with God, in imitation of the fellowship between the persons of the Trinity.” Wow! That is amazing, that this is what we have the opportunity, to commune at this level, it is offered to us as a blessing that God wants us to participate in and oh, how woefully short we come in attaining this level of worship. Because He always wants to give in abundance!

  2. Hillary says:

    This post is a great encouragement to me! Thank you for sharing! Also, just want to say how very grateful I am that you and LP have allowed our homeschool program to meet on campus. God RICHLY blessed our last school year. Exactly what you shared…”Get into the Word; go into the world; glorify Christ” is what I pray is true of my classroom. Praying I’ll dig deep in the Word and, in turn, share the truth with those young hearts… that they and I can go into the world with the good news of Jesus! What an amazing thing to trace the hand of God in history, science, math..all subjects with these students… THANK YOU for welcoming us and allowing us a place to teach the next generation. I am humbled and full of gratitude! -Hillary

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